Family is my everything.  Having kids of my own has opened my eyes to the importance of all things family.  Beautiful photographs to document family life and growth is so important and something that is often not prioritised.  You can never regret having too many photos to look back on but can certainly regret not having enough!! I aim to not only provide a family photo shoot but also provide an enjoyable occasion for families to bond and make memories. 

Sunset Session

What better way to capture your family than outdoors in a beautiful location.  A session can be quite relaxing... hearing the wind rustling through the pine trees, the waves crash on the beach or the smell of vast green fields.  Nature has a way of taking the stresses of everyday life away.  This reflects in your photo session.   

The dads that don't necessarily like photos, end up realizing it's not so bad... instead of needing them to pose, I encourage them to play, talk and interact with their children... hey, they can even bring along a beer if they want!  The little ones love the adventure of exploring the forest or field with mum and dad.  The teenagers who think they're too cool for school warm up pretty quickly when they realize its not a cheesy photo shoot.  I even find the awkward grandparents drop their reservations and enjoy some quality time with family. 

I chat and guide families through a 'hang out' session that happens to have a camera tagging along!  

Allowing natural happiness and family intimacy to shine through the portraits I take is my #1 goal.  It also keeps me on my toes... chasing around kiddies for those beautiful natural photos.  

Pets are more than welcome if location allows.  After all, they are an important part of the family too! 


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