Lets be honest, not everyone is a fan of maternity photography... I wasn't!  I'm not one for over sized flowing gowns and grand poses.  If its more of a relaxed, family focused feel you're after then I'm your girl!  I love the pregnant body and a mums loving anticipation of the child they will soon hold.  I tend to capture pregnancy in a more subtle way than most.  My focus is on the love between partners and any soon to be siblings.  I focus on capturing beautiful photos of bellys in an understated way so the mum-to-be is the soul of the photo.  Most importantly, I am soooo easy to relax around.  I'm a down-to-earth girl who is honestly interested in being a part of your family for the small amount of time I have with you.  I strongly believe portraits can represent your interaction with the person behind the camera so I do my very best for you (and partner/kids) to feel at home with me.  I love the added bonus of the possibility of meeting your new addition for newborn portraits in the coming weeks!

Sunset Maternity Session

Sunset gives the most amazing lighting to photographs, hands down.  (Ok, and partly because I'm never up early enough to see the sunrise, lol!)  I tend to start a session an hour before sunset so we can build a session around the light changing.  Starting anytime between 4:30 and 6:30pm depending on the time of year.  Imaging that golden halo around your hair, sun kissed skin, family walks with the warm tones of the setting sun creating some beautiful memories to frame forever.  Not only are these sessions beautiful, they tend to be relaxing...  there is something very peaceful about this time of day.  I love capturing mum in the warm sunset embracing her belly and pausing to enjoy the new life her body is creating.  Pregnancy really is an incredible thing.  

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