Since having my own, I have become obsessed with these little humans!  I love capturing those tiny hands, feet, lips and eyelashes.  I let the baby lead my sessions and only work on poses they are comfortable in.  My sessions involve wrapping baby up and using colours and textures and various props to accentuate your treasured little one. Prior to the session starting, I will go over colours and special requests to ensure each client has a gallery that they love.   


If parent and/or sibling portraits are a must-have in your gallery, I spend as long as it takes getting those personal moments of bonding to shine through.  These are the pics that have the power to bring tears to the eyes and remind you how small they once were in your arms.  Siblings have the option of lying down on blankets for baby cuddles too.   No need to stress if you have a toddler on hand, with two of my own I am well equipped to work with them at this overwhelming time in their life!  

At the end of the day each and every session I do is different... why?... because each and every baby is different and I allow each babe to guide me as to what they are and are not comfortable with.   This calm and flexibility in my workflow tends to make for a calming and more flexible baby.  Win - win!  And while I am busy working with bubba, parents are encouraged to put their feet up and do some of their own relaxing while they have the chance.   

A session takes approx 3 hours to allow plenty of time in between for necessary feeds and re-settling.  This also allows time for parents and sibling portraits if you request them.   I just adore capturing siblings with their new little brother or sister...  These are the photos that will truly melt your heart!   Breast feeding portraits are also available on request so you can remember those tender moments between mum and baby. 

The best time to capture a newborn is in the first 2 weeks.  This is when bubba still thinks they are in mums tummy all snuggled up and sleepy.  You are more likely to have a better selection of portraits because not as much time is needed to settle them in the early days.  I will however photograph babies of any age.  I love the variety... and the challenge! 

It is important to know I have a working with children check and am up to date with all my vaccines, including whopping cough.  My priority is your babies safety.  I am fully insured - however I should never need this cover as I avoid 'risky' posing.  For me, its not just about getting the shot, but about looking after your baby as if they were my own.  Making sure they are comfortable and safe.   

There is something so special about spending time with these little ones that are so new to the world.  I have a soft spot for each and every bub that comes into my studio and I bring my all to every session I have the privilege of being chosen for.  

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There is no need to feel like you missed the newborn photo shoot window.  I am happy to do a newborn styled session with any babies that are not yet crawling or on the move.  Many photographers will turn away older newborns because they are harder to work with.  Not me - I say bring on the 'older newborns'!!!  They do take a lot more patience from a photographers point of view but my experience has grown to a point where I can confidently capture beautiful portraits at this older phase.  I just adore older newborns as their eyes start to track and focus better.  I swear they have a way of looking straight into your soul!  It's also lovely to see those first smiles.   Just be aware that some little ones suffer from baby acne, blotchy or peeling skin after the initial first weeks.  I endeavor to edit these skin conditions but cannot guarantee full removal.  If you miss those initial months before baby crawls, don't stress, the next best thing is to wait a little longer till they are sitting up un-aided and their little personality is starting to shine through.  A sitter session is so beautiful because it shows their growth, innocence and cheekiness!