About Me...

I am a creative, artistic soul who stumbled on my passion for photography when I had my first child back in 2014.  From there my passion has soared into a career doing something I am totally in love with.  After graduating from school back in 2000, I was lost for a career so I studied art for 2 years while working in retail where I sold bedding, manchester and furniture.  This allowed me to work with colour and design while learning valuable life skills that have allowed me to become the people-person I am today.  I never really had the pushy sales person thing going on, rather my goal was to earn my clients trust and have them feel comfortable with me.  I have found this attitude also applies to photography as I genuinely care about people and feel honoured when I am welcomed into a family to document life's most important connections.  Family is everything!

Now days, my career involves chatting and guiding families through a 'hang out' session that happens to have a camera tagging along!  Or snuggling babies to sleep for those precious first photos...(Oh, I love my job!)  My arty side has the outlet it always craved as I work with composition, colours, and endless creative options in post-production editing. 

When not photographing, I am a mother of two amazing little boys and wife of a super hero husband!   Life is busy and mostly crazy!  Photography lets me slow life down and capture precious moments amongst the chaos of everyday life. 

Warmest welcome to my world!  

Love Zibby
Elizabeth Wright Photography